Best food for heart health

best food for heart health


Their study showed that a fourfold increase in intake of alginate boosted suppression of fat digestion by 75 per cent. THE EVIDENCE This theory is based on the delay between the stomach becoming full and the brain receiving this signal, which experts agree takes 20 minutes — which means many of us, by eating too quickly, end up having more than we need.

A year study on monkeys showed that those whose calorie intake was restricted by 30 per cent had longer life spans and showed slower ageing of the brain.

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The Japanese eat 80g to g of fish every day, while the British struggle to eat one portion of oily fish a week. Japanese men had less cholesterol in their arteries than US men, even though they had similar blood-pressure readings and higher rates of smoking. A high fish diet may have a protective effect against artery-clogging.

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They reviewed six long-term studies and found that even 75 minutes of brisk walking could extend life by almost two years. The ancient Chinese martial art combines deep breathing and very slow, graceful movements.

Super Foods for your Heart

Fermented vegetables provide a rich source of lactic acid bacteria which are thought to be the most useful for gut health. Miso is also made from fermented soy beans. Melissa Melby, a medical anthropologist at the University of Delaware and co-author of the study, said the effect is probably greater in Japanese women who have eaten soy products from birth.

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Employers are charged with best food for heart health that their workers do not gain weight. Increasingly, doctors are stressing that changes in lifestyles are the key to reducing disease, death and the strain on the NHS. Share or comment on this article: Turning Japanese could help you live to !

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